Who is Great Fathers



Who would have thought it would take so long?!!

Our current website is good, but the "architecture" is ancient (well, 12 years old). We are updating everything.

One big difference is that our front page is no longer accurate about being able to order the "In Your Hands" DVD as gifts for new dads. Dads don't have DVD players these days - so we don't send them out like we used to. The videos of Tiki Taane, Warren Maxwell and Sean Donnelly are stll available through the "Watch the Movie Here" link from the home page.

HOWEVER!! we still do mail outs to new dads or free. The dad will receive our comic book "New Dads - A Journey into the Unknown", plus our latest printed resource "Hey Dad!" and the three resources we created with S.K.I.P. and the NZ College of Midwives that are pictured on our current Home Page.


We're very sorry that we can't provide a link for you to contact us - at the moment. Without a proper security filter, our system would be destroyed by malware if we did this directly. Ask around. We've been around a long time and someone you know will know our email address. Contact us like that.

If you can't get to us that wasy - you send go through the Give-A-Little page. Their is a "Donation message" box there that notifies us. I'm pretty sure you don't have to make a donation to use it.

All the best, nga mihi, Dave Owens

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